'My bounties' shows bounties claimed by others

When you apply for a bounty, it becomes one of ‘my bounties’. My issue is, if another user is accepted to work on this, it’s no longer my bounty. Once that user has claimed the bounty, it is most definitely not ‘my bounty’ anymore because it cannot be abandoned or cancelled at that point.

This is annoying since I apply for quite a few bounties, but obviously don’t get accepted for all of them, and so I’d prefer not to see them since they are not actually relevant to me.

My feature request is basically that bounties which you’ve applied for and were not accepted do not show when you toggle the ‘My bounties’ toggle on the bounties page.


I think this is a good feature request, it only makes sense to have pending bounties or ones which the user has been accepted for.


This seems to have been solved with the new bounty UI (which might be explorers only, but if so will roll out to regular user’s soon enough).


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