My all repls not loading

Hello, why all my repls don’t load?

Hi @Kris477 thanks for your message.

Can you please post more details, for example a link to one of the Repls?

Screenshots of any error messages would be very useful too.


All repls not loading

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Just they don’t load

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They don’t have error code just it keep loading

Im having the same issue. Is this still affecting you?

have you tried a different browser? I’ve found that Firefox works best for me.

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Thanks @Kris477 I found your profile.

Tried the HTML/CSS repl and saw this:

This appears to be working. If you have any other information please let me know.

But i cant edit my website

It was mobile app and browser don’t work too so i think that everyone have the problem because much people said it

Yes it is still happening

Thanks for the update @Kris477 . I wonder if this is related to the server you are using for Replit.

Can you please try the following:

Go to and scroll down until you see the setting “Your server location”. For example:

Let me know if you have the same setting as above. If not, change it to North America and try loading your Repl again please.

It said for me: Your server location
North America

But i try changing to another

I changed to Asia and repls still not loading

Hey @Kris477!

We don’t see any errors on our end. Would you mind opening up developer tools and checking the network tab (after reloading the page) to see if any requests are failing?

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It’s happening on mobile app too

Wait maybe i try clearing cache

I cleared mobile app cache still nothing

Maybe from pc it’s better so i can do on pc