My account is logged in with google on my school email, and I would like to change it to my personal email

Problem Description:
I am logged in with my school email, but I would like to change it to my personal email and still be able to log in with google. Another problem is that my personal email is already associated with an account. I would like to know if deleting the account with my personal email will allow me to change my primary account’s email to my personal email.

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You can do this by approaching Replit Support at:

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  1. Log out.
  2. Ask for a password, the admins know you don’t have one, so you haven’t lost anything as you claim.
  3. Admin provides new password.
  4. Log in and change your email.
  5. ???
  6. Profit!

The day gmail, I said git hub, lost his keys, my bank send me a new pin ASAP and change almost everything of their web process. ANd Replit cancelled my gmail login and tell me to login with another one (not gmail I suppose) in the same account.