Multiple Replits on one VM

Can i put 2 replits on 1 VM? GPT says its possible to run 10 replits on one VM. Is that true if yes how? (because if i try to deploy a second repl i see no option to add it to my existing repl) So every repl needs an extra VM por can i do multiple on one vm?

Technically, you can as long as you run background processes (modify .replit’s run command to have command1 & command2 (where command1 and command2 are the commands to run each of your programs), you can do so (as long as both programs are present on that specific repl).

I would advise against using GPT to answer specific technical questions, as most of the time GPT just spits out gibberish regarding such matters.

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thx for the answer. yes i was thinking of that to but the second is the newer version of the first running on a paper account api and i want to monitor the behavior there until i activate the new on the real acc and start with the next new version. ok so i need alway a new vm for testing something 24/7 or having the risk that an error on the second can stop the main code if i would have them on both. ok. a bit clarity. another question to the vm i have : if it is already deployed and running independendly. how is the behavier when i aditionally run the deployed repl with normal run button . isnt it then everything double executed? one time in the vm and one time on the repl.?

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when use deploy, the code is run in a VM with a domain, but when you press the run button, it runs in your repl, and is assigned a (used to be domain. The code is being “double executed”, but in separate environments.

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THX. So its betetr to pause or to stop while working on it? or whats the difference of pause to stop in the way of billing. so when i stop and redeploy then i pay twice for that day? And when i pause and reactivate from pause mode then i pay only one day?

What i am still tryin to find out is how i can look into the created csv inside a deployment when i see only the not actuall running version of my script. how i see the created csv´s inside the deployment pls.
edit : or is it copied to the replit gui and actualized there in the not running script of the deployment?

That is not currently possible, you’d need to make the script upload the csv elsewhere or something at this time. Replit staff are actively working on a solution though.


ok. but would it be possible to view this csv with streamlit on a webbrowser domain of this replit deployment without booking and setting of an aditional domain. i think it is in the deployment integrated that i can view it in the browser. but then i cant let run the script because i can do only one wit the deployment right? wheater run the script or do the website?

The csv within your deployment would not be changed, as deployments can’t modify files within their filesystem.

mom what. so that means that my deployed script is not working on the csv it creates at the end. atm i got a tradealgorithm which takes the actual assets on alpaca and does some allocation calculations to give tradesignal. then these timestamps and some other columns are written to a csv . so that the next time it is comparing the actual assets with the data in the scv to decide for tradesignal. so you mean this is not working because this csv was never created? i even did not received any error. so i need to log or send some warnings to me right. hmmm so if it cant create the csv then i should code it so that it will use the reimported dataframe i think. But i still dont know how to have an insight on the data. i can also put a dataframe through streamlit to a website right. but ok so i learned that i cant send a csv to googledrive to check it because i cant create the csv inside the deployment.

so can it inside a deployment overwrite/update an already existing .csv in the deployment?