Multiple instances of running bot since issue resolution

Problem description:
One of my repls was affected by the recent outage and was stuck in repl is loading purgatory for most of yesterday. When it recovered and the repl then ran, i noticed a new ‘tag’ labeled run along with a green dot in the console tab. i notice i can collapse & expand for additional information by the run marker and it will show console output from prior runs of the repl. It appears after some time that my already connected to discord bot then goes and joins a 2nd time, and until disconnected sends duplicate replies and command responses. i can issue a kill 1 in the terminal which will force quit the repl which as it’s a soon to be extinct ‘always on’ repl, it restarts itself in moments and all is fine until after about an hour when the behavior repeats.

when this occurs, i am unable to locate any other active connections, all but one of the console ‘sessions’ show that they have disconnected with the ‘trouble’ icon where the green dot is in the ‘active’ session. i’ve confirmed that after doing a kill 1 my bot is disconnected from discord, so it is not remaining connected at that point, as i manually start another.

This happened once before, sort of, where a rogue connection was open, and in that case, i was able to resolve it by changing my bot token, so only the intended active repl could possibly connect. However, i’ve changed the token today and this behavior persists, meaning it’s running out of the active session which has access to the token via replit secrets.

being that i have no access to the backend logs, i have no way to see where this phantom connection is coming from, as my console only shows the one instance, which i can kill at will, making the bot completely disconnect. There is something happening ‘behind the scenes’ that is relaunching my program and causing this mayhem.

I’ve exhausted the things i can do with my view into the repl’s activity, and am unsure how to check any deeper, but i would like my bot to behave in the way it had been for weeks/months prior to this most recent outage and retooling of the console window/tab.