Multiple course sections, multiple teams?

I have 3 sections of AP Computer Science each with 30+ students. Should I create 3 teams, or 1 team?
If I make 3 teams, it projects created for Team 1, would need to be copied to the other 2 teams?
What happens if I edit that project after I copied it? Does the edited project change for all 3 teams that I copied it to? Or do I need to edit it in all 3? Thanks

Hey, @breinhardt welcome to the forums.

What kind of sections are they? Like a basic level, intermediate level and advanced level?

Thanks Ethan?
The class has some new programmers, some experienced. For what it is worth, it is an AP course.
Why would it matter?

If you are doing the same content with everybody at the same time I would recommend 1 team. But if the new programmers are going to go slower than the experienced programmers I would say, multiple teams. And I think you would need to copy projects across teams. And when you edit one it will not affect the others.

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