Multiple Accounts + Storage Limits

I have 2 quick questions that I could not find the answer to in Replit’s Docs or ToS:

Replit’s ToS states that you are not allowed to succeed the storage limit based on your plan. I am a hacker, allowing me 5GB. I know that I am running up on that limit due to the number of Repls I have, but I don’t know where to find how much account storage I have left.

On a completely different note, I will be in a CS class at school that uses Replit as its main platform. Is it allowed to create a separate account for that purpose to keep personal and school repls separate?

I believe that you are allowed to have multiple accounts as long as it is not for malicious purposes. Though I would wait for Replit staff to confirm (cc: @IanAtReplit)

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I would do as Ethan says and wait for a moderator but, I do believe you are allowed to have multiple accounts as in a personal account and a school account. I have hard belief that this is allowed as some schools require you to use google sign in, which creates a new account using your school email (at least mine did). For instance, I have a personal account, and a school account.

I have no idea how to check account storage and would love to know how! I do know that if you need more storage you can create a teams pro organization and host your projects on the organization, which has 10GB.


Ah for multiple accounts I found this comment!

Ray states that you can have up to 5 accounts, any more you can get banned!

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