Multiplayer Console

**In a Multiplayer Repl, you should be able to see/collaborate with other users’ console windows for code output and assistance with debugging. **

Collaborating on code is great, but when it comes to debugging or looking through output, the console is individual.

We’ve decided to use Replit for our technical interviewing process, and while it’s great for that when it comes to launching an environment and pair-coding in the actual IDE, when we go to run the code, need to resort to Google Meet screen sharing to see what the console output of the code is. Adding a shared console or the ability to see others’ consoles would improve the Multiplayer experience.

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in multiplayer repls, you do see other’s consoles, as everybody has a shared one


Huh, definitely possible that there’s a meatspace problem here, I’ll circle back with my colleague that reported the issue to me.