MP4 files corrupting

I had this happen to me before but everytime I upload any mp4 doesnt matter how I download or get it, it always corrupts and just infinite loads even if I use the desktop app to upload or my phone. Does anybody know why this happens.

This is the project its happening and If u check the code you can see
“bbytron.mp4” and when clicking on the video it loads forever and then just show that its corrupted


Hey @liquifyiscute, what did you try to upload? Seems like it got messed up when you uploaded it here.


It worked for me.

no thats what it shows when i try to play it

Oh sorry, I thought you just meant it wouldn’t even upload correctly.

well it doesnt cause it doesnt work on my phone in the editor nor on my pc and idk what to do should i try uploading on phone?

I actually can’t reproduce the issue when I upload the mp4 (on MSEdge) by dragging the file in, but

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