Moving files on mobile doesn't work

Problem description:
Moving/Dragging files with the ui doesn’t work.

Expected behavior:
When you hold on a file and move it to a folder it should be moved to it.

Actual behavior:
It gets stuck in the air.

Steps to reproduce:
Try moving a file with the ui on mobile

Android app and web

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It you have the shell tab, just use mv like the normal linux mv command. For example, try

mv db.js views/

That should move the file using the incorporated linux in the repl.

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Of course, I can do that, but my point is that it doesn’t work the way you should do it. (I only provided this as an example)

Oh, sorry… I thought that might help, but that does seem like a bug that needs fixing.

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Thanks for offering help though.

Mobile ui kinda sucks ngl :confused:


Is this on the app? Because I have encountered this on the website too, although with some pushing up I can usually get it to move.

Yeah, on the web as well (it’s actually the same thing in the background :skull:)

Hey MiloCat! Please remember to be helpful. If you have feedback, please share it in a way that is clear and actionable.


Hey @7heMech!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have flagged this to the mobile team so they can get this fixed!


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We still haven’t been able to resolve this yet, but I’ve recently followed up with the mobile team to take another look!