Moving file problem

How can i move my img file to img folder

Hi, @MandipChhetri1!

To select the image files you need, press CTRL and click on all the images you need to move to img. Then, drag them into your img folder.

I am using mobile ,i have not laptop or any computer so,how can i do…

This is a bug, as far as I know there is no solution yet.

@ShaneAtReplit Sorry to bother you, but could you take a look? This is a bug that has not been fixed yet.

@MandipChhetri1 edit this topic and move it to Support/Bug Reports.

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Hi @MandipChhetri1 thanks for your post.

As @NateDhaliwal mentioned earlier I think support would need to take a look at this, but wonder if it is similar to Moving files on mobile doesn't work ? If so there is a short-term work around in this topic.

Can I also check if you have updated your mobile app to the latest version?

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Sorry, didn’t realize you were on mobile. A short-term and extremely tedious solution is to use Shell, and mv every image into img.

mv fileName.something img/
   # File to move    # Dir to move into

Which you would have to continue doing until every image was inside. Extremely annoying, but it should work.

I’m not experienced with Linux, so there might be an easier way to do this, such as by file extension. Consider doing some googling.

Edit: It looks like you can move all files by their extension using

mv **/*.png img/
mv **/*.jpg img/
and continue replacing the file extension if you have any others.

If you were to accidentally make a mistake and move a file you didn’t want into img, do the following:

cd img/
mv fileName.something ../

And then to cd back out, use cd ../


mv *png img
mv *jpg img
Work too in this case, as long as img is a folder created ahead of time.