Moving file bug

Problem description:
Upon moving a file into or out of a folder using the file explorer, if I have the file opened as a tab, the file location does not change and editing that file does not do anything.

Expected behavior:
File location is automatically updated, editing file should save to new file

Actual behavior:
File location is not updated, editing file does not save changes to new file location

Steps to reproduce:
Move file to new file while having old file as a tab open.

Bug appears at this link:
General issue on my Repls.

Chrome on Windows


The file location should change, but the tab won’t reflect the changes. I suggest you close the tab, then open the file from the new location. I think it can cause errors if you try to use the tab open to a nonexistent file.

I feel like the tab should automatically update based on changes

You could make that a feature request. Personally, I have lots of problems with the way the tabs work (or don’t work). They are inconsistent and unpredictable but not enough to make me create a feature request.