MoviePy / ImageMagick

I can’t get MoviePy to work using ImageMagick under the hood to create subtitles in my script. I downloaded ImageMagick using the following configuration

But am receiving the following error

Even though ImageMagick is installed, I don’t think MoviePy is pointing to it. Anyone know how to fix this?


Hi @JakeCohen7 !
Can you try reverting the replit.nix file to its original state, and try entering pip install ImageMagick?

I removed ImageMagick from the replix.nix file and tried pip installing but there is no python package ImageMagick

Hey @JakeCohen7!

Can you please send me the link to your Repl so I can fork it and coordinate with the team to get ImageMagick working?

@JakeCohen7 @ShaneAtReplit Did this get figured out? I’m running into the same issue

The OP had never provided the link to their Repl so we were not able to reproduce the issue.

If you’re seeing the same issue, could you share your Repl link so we can fork and try to reproduce?

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