Move folders and files into a new folder

I am currently building a website and am trying to change the file structure. I created a new “public” folder and would like to move several other folders with files inside them (like the CSS and pages) into this new “public folder”. I cannot locate any option for moving the files though on the Android app.


Hi @setcesniteuqora , welcome to the forums!
You can run this command in the Shell: mv path/to/old-folder/ path/to/new-folder/, do note that you will have to change the fields depending on your files and folders.
Hope this helps!


This would be more a case of not being able to multi-select on the mobile app.

On the desktop app or website, you can hold Alt and select multiple files/folders (or Ctrl if you changed the setting)


Thanks for your help!
Swiftly moved all the files with mv, worked perfectly.
Hadn’t realised that the mobile app actually has a shell XD, which of course gives me many more possibilities! Thanks!


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