Move Files Feature

Is not a feature request,
The move files feature in android make still imposible to scroll in files.


@Bconrra777 Welcome and thanks for posting.

While I do think there could be some enhancements, I’m curious what functionality it is blocking for you. Would you be able to share a short screen recording or screenshots along with the steps you are taking?


It makes the file structure messy. Accidentally I move some important file to cache’s directory or .pythonlibs … This is horrible, it may break a program

@pseudokawaii1 Thank you for the video. I really appreciate it and will take a look when I return to the office after the weekend.
@dashwriter Can you confirm this is the same issue you’re experiencing as in this video?

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Yes, but i use mobile app

I tested today. I am using the latest Replit app in my Android mobile device which is also updated to the latest. The scrolling doesn’t appear to be an issue. For example, if I take a file out of a folder, it scrolls up or down to the rest of my tree to place the file.

Would you folks still having the issue make sure you’re updated to the latest version? If the issue persists, please send additional context such as:

  1. Confirmation your mobile device and Replit mobile application are updated.
  2. Your mobile device specifications such as OS/version.
  3. Whether a different mobile device has the same issue (if available).
  4. A recording of the issue.
  5. A link to an example public Repl where you see the issue (ideally the same one you show in your recording).

I’d like to narrow down why this is a problem for some folks and not others.

I think you’re misunderstanding. Try this:

  1. fork this repl and open it:

  2. Scroll to the bottom without the scroll bar and don’t move any file

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The problem is in normal scrolling, not scrolling when moving the file. The only way to scroll to bottom is use scroll bar

Just butting in to attempt to clarify, I think what @dashwriter is saying is that they are attempting to scroll through the file hierarchy using their finger on a mobile device. In doing so, however, their finger rests ontop of files/folders and Replit assumes they are trying to move these folders instead of scroll, meaning they cannot scroll with their finger. (Also note, the scrollbar is very small, especially for people like me with larger fingers :laughing: so it can be quite fiddly to actually use it.)


Ah, okay, I understand now and thank you both. I agree the scrolling in general can be quite funky, even when you are not trying to move a file. That’s one improvement for sure I can note to the team.

As an aside, I’d also say it’s quite tricky to move files around without accidentally plopping them in a folder that opens. I’ll submit that more as feedback, but I definitely want to get a bug filed for the scrollbar as it’s almost unusable the way it is.


This is fixed now! Thanks for reporting.


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