Most of my files disappeared

I went back to coding in my recently working chat app, and all my files but index.js had disappeared. I know how I can restore the files, but why did this happen?

Before the restoration of the files

After the restoration of the files

How did you restore it.

By creating files with the same names as the deleted files.


Okay you sure before you closed it last time you did not accidently delete the files?

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Huh? Why would I delete the files in my own chat app?

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Your Repl likely had a disconnection followed by a reconnection. Sometimes this does occur when your Repl is out of storage.

Is the current state of your Repl okay now?


Ah, probably the json file where I was storing my messages. It’s okay now, but manually restoring files is a hassle. Could there be a fix for this?

There is a plan for “global” history rewinding, but I don’t believe it’s on the roadmap yet.