More available fonts

I think Replit should add the ability to use multiple usable fonts within the code editor. This could be done by using some sort of Google Fonts functionality (which has many fonts on it), or there could be some specific fonts allowed to be used.

Some font options could be: Fira Mono/Code, Inconsolata, Consolas, JetBrains Mono, Source Code Pro, Anonymous Pro, Space Mono, etc.

More fonts here (Typewolf)
More fonts here (Google)


I’d like this. Personally, I like Source Code Pro a lot.

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@anonymt @Firepup650 Agreed! It also would be fairly easy to implement it.

Doesn’t this belong in Feature Requests and not Feature Requests ?

What’s the difference? (Sorry for being kind of off topic)

Feature Requests is for extensions

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