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Yep. prisems

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I invited you. Accept the invitation here.

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Heres a demo:

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Doesn’t seem to be working

Mhm I havent an idea of JS, just took and made it pretty

(css demo~)

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This poll closed early at 2023-08-12T00:00:00Z. The people have been selected!

The poll has been closed!

The people who have been selected are:

You all will receive an invite shortly.

Unfortunately, no. But I can create one. Might take me a while.


I’m not on there :sob:

Can you pls add me


My only question is that I wasn’t chosen when I had a higher percentage than others who were chosen.

You only had at most a 5% higher percentage then everyone else.

Just because you weren’t chosen doesn’t mean you still can’t help. You can help contribute still, you just can’t directly edit.


I guess so. Mabye I don’t know

If I have time to work on it next week, vaca this weekend cant spend too much time here :slight_smile:


@element1010 what poll:

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@python660 @JayAySeaOhBee14 I closed the poll.

The winner is @QwertyQwerty88.

:skull: nice election (2 people voted and it was 50/50)

It was getting confusing managing the poll :skull:

What was there to get confused over? 2 people voted, 1 for py660 and 1 for Q (I think that was you). I think we should wait till the rest of the team votes

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I really don’t know (I don’t think I should have started the poll at the first place) I guess you could say I changed my mind

Also please move this to a PM

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