Moogle:: Google for cows, completely open source, forever

Just wandering what you think the odds would be now that there are 9 voters?

There’s 4 now, not 9.

No like on the original poll for being a developer.

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Im not even on the dev team :sob:

its just a showcase i need a list of all members if you would like it to be updated please


Yes, and maybe at the percentages too.

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Chance of being selected (updated)


hmm… were the numbers outputted by a mathematical function (linear, exponential, quadratic, polynomic, etc), or were they randomly generated?

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Yes, and they ended up having the same number.

haha funny numbr

cSs rawr

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I would like to, but I am not very good at the backend stuff, so I would do HTML and CSS. I am very good at it.

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woof woof I am good at python nodejs ESM and tbh HTML/CSS is fine

You still have to vote on the poll if you want a chance of being chosen.

I did vote though

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I already have @SalladShooter to help with CSS.


Member Role
@Evanisha CEO
@element1010 CDO (Chief Development Officer)
@QwertyQwerty88 Developer
@JayAySeaOhBee14 Search developer, possible developer
@python660 Search developer, possible developer
@SalladShooter Search developer, possible developer
@NateDhaliwal Search developer, possible developer

@Evanisha is the CEO because he was the creator of the original Moogle.

Also @NateDhaliwal do you have a GitHub?

And check your GitHub, @python660 and @JayAySeaOhBee14, I sent you an invite.


You can have more than one, plus @SalladShooter could work on CSS on projects (like Moogle and forms) and I could work on stuff like the Moogle website or other.

Could I also have a link to the GitHub team or account?

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I’m able to do some html and css.

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But if you don’t need me I’m fine with that.

Done, mobile friendly too:

Is there a Replit team and GH group for Moogle? Furthermore: GitHub account?

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@prisems Do you have a GitHub account?