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Me who was banned for 2 1/2 months

Oh ok got it :+1:

Starting Moogle Search

We are starting Moogle Search. If you would like to help us look through the web for pages about cows, vote in the poll below.

Help with Moogle Search
  • I want to look for pages about cows on the web.
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@element1010 I already have one (its kinda obvious though) → Cattle - Wikipedia

We’ll be web scraping ALL wikipedia pages, meaning that they’ll all get indexed. So basically, search for all pages related to cows that are not from Wikipedia or a dictionary.

@element1010 oh here then → 27 Amazing Facts About Cows That Will Impress Your Friends

Let’s do this in a PM please.


Did you make it yet?

“An error occurred: Sorry, element1010 is not accepting messages at the moment.”

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Not for you, for @SalladShooter. But I’ll add you if you want.

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Ye i signed up on the survey

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Btw, the CEO is @Evanisha, and the OG topic was:

The link above no longer works though :frowning:


Update: As of right now, there are less then 8 people voting on the poll above, meaning that you will all be chosen.


Why flask for the backend tho?

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Why not flask for backend?


Because Python is not a good thing for the environment. (Node is not much better, but it is better)


@prisems can you move that over to the actual site?

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@prisems Did you actually forget the CEO of Moogle? (Not me)

The CEO is @Evanisha.