Moogle:: Google for cows, completely open source, forever

Moogle is a “rip-off version of Google” (according to @Evanisha), it is Google for cows. We are always completely open-source, and it will be that way forever.

We are currently working on Moogle Docs.

You can also find us on GitHub or Replit:

Our Projects

Moogle Forms

Moogle Docs

What kind of software will be made?


Probably, you know, a search engine, docs, slides, mmail? lol Idk

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@element1010 what languages do you plan on using?

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If there is any CSS and html work to be done I’d be happy to help. I’m not the best coder though. Pretty new to stuff like html and css.

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Flask for the backend, HTML/CSS/JS for the frontend.

There’s quite a lot, and, I’m not that good at CSS, so if you can help, that’d be great!

IDK how to do web dev, but good luck on your project!

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We also now have a GitHub org:

You will be invited (if you have a GitHub) if you are selected.

Ok, I would love to join.

@element1010 I will join if you are fine with it. I am good at HTML and CSS (some people call me the CSS Wizard).

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@NateDhaliwal @python660 @HenryMiles3 @SalladShooter @JayAySeaOhBee14
Do any of you have a GitHub acc?

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yes, its @py660. on gh

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@element1010 yes SalladShooter on GitHub.


Sorry no I don’t have an account:


Chance of you being selected


Yes. Its the same username

Why is mine so low XD

At least that doesn’t mean you won’t be chosen. Not even 8 people have voted on this poll yet, which means, as of current circumstances, if no one keeps voting, then you will indefinitely have to be chosen.

But I mean statistically, how did you calculate these numbers

Based on how much people have helped me on Ask and mainsite, how you say you will help me, etc.