Moogle Forms:: A form service where you can edit, submit, and use forms

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We’re working on Moogle Forms on GitHub.

You can track our progress here:

We’re currently working on the editing aspect. There’s a table below:

Functionality % complete
Editing 50%
Using (submitting forms) 20%
API 35%

The Repl is here:


@element1010 why have I not been added to work on the coding? There are already people working on it. I have helped you with this project.

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You were never a 100% chance of being added. Only @QwertyQwerty88 was. You will be added in a few days.

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Meanwhile, you still have edit access to the GitHub repo.

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@element1010 there is nothing on the team, no Repo or Project. Where do I edit?

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You should have access to the link above ^^

The cloud is now fully functioning!

The cloud is now fully functioning! It can work as a temporary API until an actual API is built.

The current cloud URL is, however, this may change unexpectedly without notice.

How to use it as an API:

POST/ Save form


  "user": "replit-username",
  "id": "form name",
  "content": "form content as JSON"

GET/list/<user> List forms by a user

Output format:

  "list": ["list", "of", "forms"]

GET/form/<user>/<form_name> Get data on a form

Output format:

  "title": "form-title",
  "description": "form description",
  "content": "Form content as JSON"