MongoDB DNS error

If you are really certain that this is a bug and not an error with code, you can contact someone from replit support team, who do handle these things; you might report this by clicking ? icon at the bottom of navigation bar.

Though I think, this is not a problem with replit. It is not an issue for me, so I can’t figure out why is it with you. It is either a bug for you or there might be something wrong with your code. Can’t really tell without code.


I have the same issue, with one replit. It works once in a while.
The other one is working fine, with the same mongodb connection string.
So I doubt the issue is with the code.

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It’s now working again. I didn’t change anything since my previous message. Just the 1234567th restart later.

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Same here. It is definitely a replit issue

Never used mongo, but I thought it might be a rate limit because requests to mongodb from repls on your IP add up. Does MongoDB DNS error - #20 by StupidGenius not fix it? @Lys

Is killing the replit the same as stopping it and running it again?
If yes then note that even when restarting the replit like 50 times it sometimes stay with this issue.
And I only do the call to the mongodb when starting the replit which is on always-on mode.
I doubt the rate limiting could be a factor …

This is not the same as stopping and running it again because the whole repl moves to a different container and potentially a different IP

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Ok will test it tomorrow. thank you for clarifying