Module not found


**my code

 python3
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 10, in
from replit import audio
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘replit’
exit status 1

this is the error showing

On line 147, the statement is if move[0] in followed by break on the next line without any context to what move[0] is in. This is the only error that occurred when I ran the program, the line 10 error didn’t occur, you may have fixed it.

  move1 = ''
  move = ["debug","debug"]
  while move1 == '': 
      while True:
        move1 = input('>')
        move = move1.lower().split()
        if len(move)==2 or move[0]=="instructions":
          if move[0] in #Here is where the error is at, it just says this.
        print("thats not right")

i have fixed that line of code, and the original error is now appearing again so not sure what the issue is now. thanks for your help on that part

the error is cause by the “from replit”. BTW your repl does not have a .replit which causes also some problems/

there is a .replit file, it is a hidden file so doesnt show in the files sidebar until you select to show hidden files

when i run the repl it gives error .replit not file or incomplete (something like that)