Module Import Error: No such module “SKLearn”

Very weird problem. When I start a python script with Sklearn it returns the error seen in the title. When i run
pip install scikit-learn
It says “Module scikit-learn already installed” then I run the script again and it gives me the same error. Is there any way to fix this?

From the title it seems you’re writing capital letters try sklearn to see if it helps.

No its all undercase.

try doing pip install sklearn directly, maybe that will help

When I did that it says it installed successfully but it still says there is no module named “sklearn”

Try uninstalling and installing it again, if it doesn’t help let’s hope for other community member to come to rescue.

I reinstalled, it still doesn’t work. If it helps there’s an error in the console when I install using the packager tool?

Now when I try using the packager tool when the module is being installed it gives me the error “ModuleNotFoundError: No module named “”

Does this earlier topic help? Using Sklearn for Data Science tasks