Modual Not Found Error

Ive tried to import Mailer from emailhandler but it’s returning a ModualNotFoundError. I don’t know how to fix it.

from emailhandler import Mailer

in the shell, try entering pip install emailhandler.

It returns this when I try:

This means that this module does not exist. What module are you trying to use again?


I’m trying to use emailhandler. I’ve never used this module before. I got most of this code from a template.

It seems like that module might not exist, at least not under that name.

are you by any chance actually want to use
mailsend pypi: mailsend · PyPI

cuz their code looks alike to yours, and your package doesn’t seem to exist


Thank you for your help. This didn’t solve it but I found a different template that does work. Here’s the link to the repl. Thank you!

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