Modify variables with onkey command

Right now I’m coding a turtle graphics program and for some reason, when I use the onkey method, it doesn’t modify the variable for future use. The function works, it just doesn’t apply it for later. How can I fix this?

Program Here; Fork to use it.

Current code:

import turtle
import functools
a = False
b = False

def toggle():
  global a
def func1(aNew, bNew):
  actions = {1: [False, False],
      2: [False, True],
      3: [True, False],
      4: [True, True],}
  for i in actions:
    if actions[i][0] == bNew and actions[i][1] == aNew:
      print(actions[i][0], actions[i][1])

s.onkey(toggle, "p")
s.onkey(functools.partial(moveCheckWide, a, b), "r")


press r, p, then r
What it should return

False False
False True

What it ends up returning

False False
False False

What to do?