Moderation Abuse?!

I published an HTML repl showcasing my opinion on the whole upcoming paid hosting changes. A moderator unpublished it with no reason on why it was unpublished. It is my opinion and it will stay that way.

I am wanting to report this and kindly asking you to take some kind of action against this.

Not sure how to find that data even though I’m a mod…

I ask somebody else to look into this

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Alright, thank you. Hopefully this gets resolved soon

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Hello! I took a look into this. While I cannot say which moderator unpublished this Repl, I can say that it was not moderator abuse :slightly_smiling_face:

The Replit community is a place to share code and “Empower others […] Support one other […] [and] Be kind.” (Community Guidelines), and since this Repl was created over a debate it was regarded as negatively contributing to the community the Repl was unpublished by a moderator.

That said, there isn’t anything inherently wrong with your Repl; however, as mentioned on Ask multiple times, the pricing changes are here to stay. We will likely iterate over them in the future, but the appropriate way to submit your feedback is on Ask - not a Repl in community :slight_smile:

Hopefully this makes sense, and in the future if you wish to submit an appeal please use! Thank you :slight_smile:


The only thing I ought to say is that they shouldve had a reason, and not just unpublished it for no reason. Also this is my bad I told him this could’ve been mod abuse, because I’ve seen stuff happen like this before on things like Reddit, discord, and twitch.
Also, another repl I had seen, unsure who it was by was talking about the account data thing that was added, that was never taken down though I haven’t seen it since its been a while, Its the same thing as FireDevilX’s but about a different topic.


Not to seem argumentative but you have said yourself that Ask is a minority of Replit users. This allows more users to share their feedback since right or wrong a lot of people don’t come to Ask. A lot of people probably had no idea about the changes but Repls announcing them get the news out to more of the community.


Just looked at the repl again, they silently unpublished it, removed the icon, and removed the cover image. The only thing I have to say is that some of the mods here are just power tripping away in the moderation dashboard.

I do believe that some of the mods want to use their power to make Replit a better place in their way, but they still are doing their jobs. They all have different ideas of what they’d like Replit to be like.

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Please stop aguing and repeating the same things as those questions have already been answered. As such this topic will be closed for 24 hours


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So this post is Replit feedback - censorship, i.e., “moderating” this way, led me to cancel my two paid subscriptions.