Mobile Web Update

We are rolling out an update to the workspace on mobile web that matches the mobile app.

This step helps us streamline the codebase and make maintenance and improvements easier across both.

Explorers should start seeing this today. If you run into any issues or have feedback, please drop it below.

For the best coding experience, we recommend downloading the mobile app on Android | iOS.

mobile web update


Wow! Replit is really improving! kinda…

Don’t get ahead of yourself lmao…

okay. idk why they are “improving” the ui

if it aint broke, dont fix it

Thanks for your posts but I think @moudy explained why pretty clearly. If there is a bug in the mobile web version that doesn’t match up to the codebase in the mobile app (for example) it doubles the work for the engineers to resolve. This way I would think that more bug fixes and improvements can be implemented in the future.

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Nice update! gonna check it out

I think adding back the undo/redo button somewhere beside the history button would be great, instead of clicking the history button and reversing it from there, which can be a hassle and annoying if you accidentally messed things up.

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When will there be chat, viewing online multiplayers, and inviting on mobile?


@MiloCat Later 2023 (maybe this month :exploding_head:)