Mobile editor too laggy

Problem description:
Mobile text editor too laggy

Expected behavior:
Mobile text editor to be not laggy and running well

Actual behavior:
Mobile editor running good at first but over time getting laggier to so low like 10 fps

Steps to reproduce:
Using the editor for like 30-60 minutes and will get very laggy

Other Info
I have tested this on my PC and it runs very well. maybe there is a memory leak in the mobile editor?

The mobile replit app or the website

Sorry if my english is bad


Maybe you need to upgrade your android device or you can try to clear cache of your browser
to get rid of temporary files and that can help you.

Try using latest version Replit

If it works mark it as solution

I already am
Ifjfjrigigkfog (20 chars)

If there’s a memory leak, could you maybe try setting up a swapfile so Replit would be able to use more memory?

I am not sure about the memory leak but I will try this thanks everytime I am trying to type something it just drops to 10-5 fps what could be causing this?

Maybe try using another program, then copying things in.

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