Mobile Console UI covers output

Problem description:
The UI for clearing and searching the console on Mobile covers part of the first two lines of output, making it hard to read.

Expected behavior:
The output is not covered, possibly with the troublesome UI in a drop-down, or the bar above the keyboard.

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Print something longer than your screen width to the console on mobile.
  2. Observe that the clear and search buttons cover part of the first 2 lines of output, making them difficult to read.

Bug appears at this link:

Replit App/Android 13/Samsung Galaxy A23


The web version also has this problem. And yes this is a bad problem.

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This still hasn’t been fixed.

Not sure if this is the same issue but:

  1. (In the mobile app) If your code is longer that you can view it, you can’t scroll all the way to make the last line to above your keyboard; it scrolls to the end of the page, like the keyboard is not attached to the page at all.
  2. In the forum via the mobile app, you can’t see what you type. When they removed the back button, I gave up and used (and using) the forum on the web version.

That’s unrelated to this topic, but those issues are valid. And extremely annoying :slight_smile:

Hey all. I’m not getting the same issue as originally reported in the mobile application. The console is a bit different and actions like “clear history” were moved as actions for the tab itself (click 3 dots on the console tab).

@OmegaOrbitals Can share where you are still seeing the issue? I’m using an Android and the latest Replit mobile application update.

@NateDhaliwal For the first point, I’m not sure I’m seeing this issue. Do you mean coding in a file which is long enough to have a scroll bar? I can pop up my keyboard and scroll down to the last line of code so perhaps this is something that got fixed, or I’m otherwise misunderstanding. Let me know if it’s not fixed and if you have any specifics to share.

For the second point, I’m not afraid to say forums integration of the mobile application needs improvement. I know about the forums-related back button issue and I’ll make sure to report the response issue as well. I think there’s some deliberation internally for the actual mechanism we use to include forums on the mobile application so you can probably just keep following the back button thread for updates.

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Hi @SuzyAtReplit , it appears that the first point is fixed (yay!), but the second isn’t. One thing about the forum on the app: if I were to click the back arrow button as part of my home button bar, I would exit the forum and go back to the Account page. Very annoying. What if the bar were to be replaced instead with the back arrow button (as part of your phone and not the forum)? Apple users may have a problem, so maybe swipe from the left edge to go back for Apple users (like what you can do with Google)?

That’s great news and I’m glad to hear that piece is fixed.

For the back button, it’s a good idea. The only thing is there may be some limitations on what we can do with the integration to the forums. I’ll let Shane keep looking into our options there from our other thread.

Thanks for your reply. My installation is up-to-date, but it still gets covered.

Oh, in the shell! Yes, I see it now. Let me go ahead and make sure we have a report of this internally so we can look at potential fixes.