Missing space in unsite banned email

Problem description:
In the email you recive when your account is unsite banned there is a missing space between the " at the end of the password and We

You have been unbanned from Replit.Your password has been reset to "***"We apologize for the mistake!

Expected behavior:
There is a space there.

Actual behavior:
There is not

Steps to reproduce:
Get site banned. Then get unbanned and look at the email.


Windows 11, FF dev edition 111.0b2


how did you acquire this email :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::camera_flash:

I asked Replit staff to ban an alt of mine for some testing and when was done I asked for it to be unbanned

oh ok I thought something happened

that is such a small bug. I’m guessing that only admins can solve this, cause I thought mods could fix this.

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Probably only devs. Since this is an automatic email like the one when you are community banned so the code would need to be changed.

At least you didn’t have your main account banned. I was wondering at first.

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