Missing OUTPUT from my tools

Problem description:
I created a new project in java and I use outputs with JOptionPane. There is typically a tool called OUTPUT for all other projects that i have created. With the latest projects that i have made the output has disappeared. Now I have no way to give input to the program. Tried refreshing, looked in settings and no changes.

Hey @PeterSimon2 welcome to the forums!

Can you please share a link to the repl so we can take a look?

here is the link


Thank you

Is the repl private? Im getting a 404 error.

I just changed to public…didn;t realize there was an option for that

Thanks. I think its because there’s no output but instead everything is in the console so there is no other output window needed.

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There is output needed because I am using JOptionPane which creates the dialog for the user input. its the way that I teach user input and it is there for every other program that i have created this semester

Ah. Thanks then this is a bug