Missing header files and related with it problem with the "No new priviledges" flag

I wanted to create an interpreter in between two programming languages - python and c++ (with is an critical part of my project) and I had discovered that the required header files, like (for example) python3-dev (and other) are missing.

Unfortunatelly, due the “No new priviledges” flag on sudo, I’m unable to install the required files and in the same, I’m unable to work on my project.

Please fix it asap

Hey @mcgiwer, sudo is not allowed on Replit as that would be a security risk.


If the user’s environment is run in a docker container then there should be not considered as causing any risk to the host system.

The problem is that without the possibility to install the missing dependencies, some of the users projects won’t be able to be run for testing.

Hey @mcgiwer!

I have asked the team if we have an official reason on why we have sudo disabled. I will follow up once I have the answer for you!

We disable sudo for security reasons. We do have plans to allow sudo access soon, but we do not have an ETA on when that will be out.