Missing folders in 100 Days of Code

Problem description

Day 67 and 68 are missing the folders that contain images for the code. Each day says there is a folder and when running the code to try, there is no folders or images.

Expected behavior

The code should display an image when using the code

Actual behavior

gives error of no such file

Steps to reproduce

click run and see error after entering code




windows 11

Device if mobile




Please upload screenshots

Day 68 Screenshot

@imdesigns Hi there. Can you click on the 3 dots in your file tree (leftmost pane in the upper right corner), and show hidden files?

I am wondering if the team moved the images. If you see them there, just let me know if the tutorial needs to be updated to reflect a new path to them.

Hey there,

Sure, Here is Day 67: Day 68 also is same, just shows the .tutorial that was hidden

Screenshot 2024-07-09 124342.png

Thanks @imdesigns . And the .tutorial has those images, but they are not properly linking in the instructions? Let me know if I’m misunderstanding.

The instructions say that replit provides a folder, when trying out the code provided by replit, there’s error of finding the folder. The folder should be separate out of the .tutorial folder I believe.on other days it provides a folder separate from the .tutorial

@imdesigns Thanks, I’ll check it out and see if I can find another day for consistency in presentation.


For Day 67, I moved the folder out of the .tutorials and the code works:

The folder just may need to be out of the .tutorial for it to work properly.

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However for Day 68, there is no folder or images:

This is replit’s code from the tutorial that you try out and it has 2 images in it but there are no images in the files.

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Thanks @imdesigns. I’ve reported this to the team so they can fix it accordingly in a future revision.