Missing files 100 Days of Code Day 67

I am working on the Replit 100 Days of Code. I am in Day 67. It says that there are supposed to be image files and image files in a sub-directory. I went to the shell and there were no files there. I deleted files in Day 26 (I believe it was) the other day and accidentally deleted the file for that exercise. I do not know if I somehow messed up all the future exercises as well when I did this. I would not see how, but the folder and images that the exercise mentions are not there.

Hey @TinyTazDad! Welcome to the community!

Do you want to try and recreate the lesson again? Maybe it’s due to a poor internet connection


Hey @TinyTazDad, welcome to the community!

Have you checked inside the .tutorial file? The folders and images might be in there!


You will need to show hidden files in order to see the .tutorial folder.


Thank you. I see the .tutorial folder on the app. Interesting that the folder did not show up out of the gate. It is the first time that things were not there at the start.

How do you recreate the lesson? I was trying to figure that out for 26, but did not see how to start it again. I deleted my repl and did not see where to start it again.

Delete the old lesson and go back to where you start the lesson.

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