Missing Code Section Upon Search

i always seen “code” section next to templates section. but i can’t see it now. what happened?

Welcome to Ask! I can reproduce the issue. This is strange. :thinking: I like that feature although I haven’t used it yet.


it was there before but not now

Is it possible that it was removed on purpose? Maybe to prevent plagiarism?
Could a staff member look at this?

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i’m pretty sure they removed it due to plagiarism. because my projects got copied for multiple times. the otger people’s projects were stolen too


Wondering this too, has anyone figured why?

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Not an official response - but the reason it may have been removed is due to people abusing it to get tokens for APIs (e.g. OpenAI, Discord).


yeah i’m pretty sure that’s the reason. because i’ve seen multiple people stealing somebody’s codes

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They got .env they can use it :rage:

That isn’t strictly true though. .env doesn’t work on Replit; you have to use SECRETS.

Not everyone does though. I’m not sure they realize it exists or understand the consequences.


This means that it will not return a code search feature