Missing "Add Lesson Contents" link , no instructions.md or lessonplan.md

Hello, I have watched tutorials on setting up Projects in teams for students. I have created our accutn for the school and when I create a project, it does not add the lessonplan.md or the instructions.md . There is no link to add these, as shown in the video tutorial. “Add Lesson Contents” link that is show in this tutorial: Replit Teams for Education Basics: Let's Get Started! - YouTube at 29:27 mark.

@SarahDalliday I don’t have an answer for you, but I did want to confirm that while what was shown in the video worked for me during the spring semester, when I tried to create a new project today, it did as you described – it did NOT add the lessonplan.md or instructions.md. So you’re not alone in it not working currently. I hope someone from Replit is able to follow up.


Hi @SarahDalliday and @anthonybarbara thank you for highlighting this. I’ll raise this with the Replit support team and move this into Bug Reports for now.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused!

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I have had the same problem starting today. Things appeared fine a week or two ago.

Hi @MrKingICS @anthonybarbara @SarahDalliday thanks for your patience.

A fix was pushed for this earlier today. Could you please try again and let me know if it now works as expected for you?

The link comes up for me now.

Worked for me as well today! Thanks for the efficient resolution!

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The link is there and works for me. Thanks for the speedy resolution!

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Hello I can not find any information on how to find my prompt or instructions on my replit projects for House Real Estate. I see her rubric for grading and that is it.