Misleading Deployment Pricing

On the pricing page, the default time your app will be online per month is only 20 hours, out of the total 730 in a month. This leads to quite misleading pricing figures being presented, as it is very easy to miss that box while focusing on the sliders (as I did).

It is extremely unlikely that an app will only be running for 20 hours. The whole point of deploying is to have reliable uptime, and 20 hours a month is far from that expected use case of the product.

The default should be much more realistic, such as 710 - 720 hours.


Hey @CodingCactus!

Thank you for your feedback. I have relayed this to the team!


Hi CodingCactus – most apps will be used less than 20 hours per month. With autoscale, your compute units are only consumed when someone is actively using your site.

Then it’s probably worth mentioning this on the deployment page.

It is!

See the autoscale descriptions on https://replit.com/pricing.

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Oh I see, sorry, my bad :+1:

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