Minimizing functions easily

My request is making a way for minimizing all functions in the code easily, for example right-clicking and having a button for minimizing all functions

This will help for long codes by making easier going from one place to another easily with all the functions minimized

This became a problem for me when I was coding and I needed to minimize every function manually for coding without wanting to break my own bones because of needing to stay 1 minute going down for the last part of my code


Sorry if I do not understand this, but in languages like Python or JavaScript, there is a little arrow the you can click the will minimize the function

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He meant that he needed a button where you can click once to minimise all the functions.


Not in all languages then as I am using Nim and it is not there, probably it is just a matter of language support.

That is why I specified python and javascript. The collapse arrows are a codemirror thing, and as I have stated before, the replit codemirror support for nim is quite lacking and broken.

Yes but I believe he meant a button that does all expansion and collapse at once as in IDEs like PyCharm. Very useful.

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I realize that. Might be able to make an extension for that later on but idk.

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Click on the tab name --> >