Mike from Denver

Hello, my name is Mike McGuire, and I’m a high school CS teacher in Denver, CO. I’m hoping to switch all of my classes (Java Programming, AP CS, and Web App Development) to Replit next year from using Eclipse and GitHub in the school computer lab. I’ll have lots of questions, but one of them is whether our account is automatically at Hacker rank as teachers using Teams? I know GitHub puts teachers on the paid tier automatically, giving us private repos (the thing I most want for my replits as a teacher).

Hey Mike, welcome to the community!

With Teams for Edu, you don’t automatically get Hacker plan (that’s a separate product), but you do get access to private Team Projects (these are very similar to regular repls) for you and your students, plus they run on a separate server than the rest of the repls on our site so they run a bit faster.

We just published a great onboarding video that goes through all you need to know about Teams for Edu. You can find it here!

Let us know if you need anything else as you get started!

Thanks, Lena, but that’s a pretty long video. This is what I was looking for:

  • You can also store notes and demos as unpublished Team Projects. Unpublished projects are not visible to your students at all.
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