Migrating School account to Main account

Description of the problem (please keep it simple and short):
I am trying to migrate one of my school accounts to my main account, how do I do it?

Explain what you were trying to do:
Changing the email of my school account, but the email was already used on my main.

What areas or features are involved?
Email changing.

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This is just like changing account UIDs in linux; first change your main account to use an alt email (create one if needed), then change the school account to use your home email.

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Thanks! Just need to figure out what in the world my password was.

If you still have access to the email, you can initiate a password reset. If you don’t, I’m sure the Replit staff can help you out.


Alright! I will try to contact support for assistance because the school has blocked logins into Replit, so I can’t log out.

try using a personal computer or go to your browser settings about site data, or delete all site data regarding replit.com on your school device

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