Miecraft bedrock server

hey guys
anyone knows how to make a minecraft bedrock serrver or get the ip of the project because i wanna make a minecraft BEDROCK server on it and port forward it on playit.gg so please tell me anyone knows how to do it

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BTW this is Replit, not Minecraft. Chances are you can ask ChatGPT but #help is not where you should ask for stuff like this. I don’t think it should belong in code help either. I asked AI for you (note that I didn’t verify this):

To make a Minecraft Bedrock server, you can follow these steps:
Download the Bedrock Server Software from Minecraft's official website
Create a Minecraft Server folder and move the "server.jar" file into it
Assign a static IP address to the PC that will host the Minecraft server
Port forward the Minecraft server on your router
Start the server by executing the bedrock_server.exe file
Configure the server by following the bundled how-to guide
Find your public IP address by searching "what is my IP" on Google and share it with your friends who want to join the server
Note that there are different ways to set up a Minecraft server, and the steps may vary depending on your operating system and hosting provider.


If you need further assistance, please ask (or make a post or something on Minecraft forums because again I definitely think Minecraft forums could help you better).

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