Meta: Enable Discourse Chat Plugin?

A while ago Discourse released a plugin for allowing users to chat:

Here’s what it looks like in the Elixir programming language forum:


  • More community engagement
  • Potentially faster responses for help
  • Users won’t need to use Discord for chat if they don’t want to


  • More moderation required

Thoughts? :smile:

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I’m pretty sure chat is already enabled here, but only for TL3+


Yeahhh I tried to call that out shortly after posting but: :sweat_smile:

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Sadly, the TL3 chat was disbanded and we simply post replies to a topic.


Oh I just found a few other threads talking about this: (shame on me for not checking first)

tl;dr There already are chats but not for the public. I think only TL3+ get access to them.


Currently, the chat feature is only available to TL3+, but there is no chat room for TL3 so you can only have personal chats. As for higher up, I only know a little and what I do know I won’t say since it would require manual promotions to get there.


We have a channel that is meant for chatting and questions for TL4 and another for mods. We have some others like one for mods to alert us of new appeals but that’s it for chat.


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