Meta: Add "Nix Help" top-level category or "Nix" sub-category to "Code Help"

Nix is a (very) complicated part of the Replit stack that a lot of users (myself included) seem to have trouble with, but there doesn’t seem to be a forum category specifically for it.

As I get more familiar with Nix, I’d like to specifically be able to filter forum posts for people having Nix issues so I can try to help. As a tangent, I’m also using NixOS on a personal computer, and it’s wild!

I don’t know if it’s accurate to have it under “Replit Help” because while Replit uses Nix it’s an external tool. I also don’t know if it’d be accurate to put it under “Code Help” because it’s not really “code”?

Thoughts? :smile:


I like it as a sub cat in Code Help.


I agree that this should be a sub-category. Nice suggestion! I’ll make it now.