Message chunk timed out

What does it mean when message chunk timed out on replit ai?

Starting from the morning today (in my time zone), I have sent like 20 prompts to the replit ai, the last 18 of them responded with “Message chunk timed out” (yes I only got 2 successful)

Those prompt aren’t difficult prompts, I just ask if my 75 line python code contains error or something like that, is the error response my problem?

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@TaokyleYT The message means that for whatever reason, it took too long to respond. Would you mind sharing the Repl/code with me that you’re using as a prompt (and however you are reproducing the issue) so we can take a look internally?

You can DM it to me if it’s private. Thank you!

But I never included in the file, like never not even accidentally

I have asked
Is there any optimisation in the programs? (File included: python files except
Which method does the algorithm use (File included:
Which method does the algorithm use? (File included:
Can you optimise ? (File included:

And seldom repeats my prompt, none of them responded

@TaokyleYT I was able to sync up with the team internally and our logs indicate this might have been a temporary problem with some one-off issues. Since reloading the session, have you experienced similar errors recently?

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It’s back to work now, thanks for the assist

Never mind, after exactly one single prompt successful it’s back again

Yeah it’s back to life again every time the session restarted, and the message chunk times out every time after one prompt is sent and replied
Is that something wrong with this specific repl? Other repls’ AI works fine

all that means is that the Replit AI was writing something for too long, and it times out.

Why would that happen, though, if all Tao said was “hi”?

quota reached? i don’t know, because that shouldn’t happen if Tao just said “Hi”

Nah I still got 46% left

Also I barely use my replit AI, and the AI just chunk time out on this specific repl for some reason

I’m not sure, you might want to check your network connection, or something like that. I’ve never seen that before tho.

I’m confused about why this happen as well
However as I mentioned earlier, it’s just this repl that experienced this problem (somehow forking it or copy&pasting it to a new repl doesn’t work idk why), so it shouldn’t be my internet connection problem

My connection isn’t that bad as well tho

huh, ok, I’ve never seen that happen, but it might be something like that. I don’t know why it did that tho.

whenever this happened to me, a single “↺ Retry” made it work

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That retry button is quite obvious but sadly it doesn’t work, somehow