Merged Theme W3Schools + Replit Dark

I put the W3Schools and Replit Dark theme together!
Give me your thoughts/suggestions in the comments.


The black words on the dark blue background is not the best colour choice… and… HOW IS THAT A LIGHT THEME!? That’s like… 100% dark.

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@NateDhaliwal I changed it to be white already. Also I started it as white for just W3Schools then I thought to put them together so I changed the background.

Oh - another one: The buttons on my Replit sidebar, e.g. Learn, Themes etc, are wayyy to light. White text on light green buttons are killing my eyes.

@NateDhaliwal I made them dark but the don’t change.

The words in my code (in Python) are still black, not white.


Ps. The buttons on the side the one where you click around is always light and doesn’t really change even if it is a dark color.

@SalladShooter Oops… I updated it and it worked.