May I get some help here?

**Question: ```
1 + 80;
I cant get the answer 81 am I doing something wrong?

**Current behavior: its giving black reponse

Desired behavior

Repl link:

code snippet

Hi @shantelgray24 , welcome to the forums!
Even though you are making the equation, you aren’t displaying it. Try printing 80+1. It should show 81.
Hope this helps!

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Its actually for a course, thanks for unnecessary comment. Have a good one!

I tried that it still shows a blank output in console.

What is your code? Could you share it here?

the code is just 1 + 80;

it wants me to get 81 in the console but it shows blank

Print the equation. May I know what language you are using?

I dont know what print the equation means? But language is javascript

Then you can use console.log to print it.

console.log(80 + 1)

Thank You that actual worked!

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