May 2021 Updates


Hi Teachers,

We’re rooting for you as the academic year comes to a close and makes way for the summer! With the new season comes lots of big updates and things to look forward to, including our first ever Summer Professional Development for CS teachers!

What’s New?

  • :handshake:🏽 We’ll be offering our first ever Replit Professional Development this July 26-27! Together, we’ll explore best practices in CS education and develop project-based curriculum on Replit to get you ready for the Fall semester. Registration will open June 1. Sign up here to join our waitlist!
  • 🥸 You can now give your team members nicknames in Replit Teams! This will help teachers organize and view their students using recognizable names.
    Nicknames in action
  • :paintbrush: Collaborate in an artsy way with our new .draw files!
  • :tv: Need help getting started with Teams for Education? Watch the updated Teams for Education Walkthrough.
  • :space_invader: Keep making coding fun with our Kaboom.js game library. (Or take a break from coding entirely and go on a scenic drive through Kaboomland.)
  • :telescope: Discover and share inspiration on Replit Apps!

Let us know all the creative ways you’ve applied these updates in your classrooms by tagging us on Twitter @Replit!

What’s coming up?

  • Unit test and input/output test completion on the overview grid to quickly grade your class (+CSV download) coming in the next 2 weeks!
  • :beetle: You asked and we listened. A debugger is on its way!
  • :books: We’ll be increasing the cost of Teams for Education over the summer. Contact us ASAP to lock into the following rates for this fall!
    • Current rates:
      • $350/year for a single Team (unlimited students)
      • $750/year for K12, primary/secondary, and after-school programs (unlimited students)
      • $1,000/year for higher education, community colleges, and bootcamps (unlimited students)
      • To try Teams for Education before you commit, start a free trial today!

Need support with Teams for Education? We hold recurring Office Hours every other Tuesday at 4-5pm PT and the first Wednesday of each month at 10-11am PT. Come to ask questions, chat, and meet other teachers! Always free. View all upcoming dates and sign up!

We love to hear from you! Ask questions and leave feedback here or email us at

Happy coding!