Matplotlib bug fix needed

In your support docs ( you state:

In order to use matplotlib, you must first install the package, or simply import the package and we will auto-install it for you:
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

This no longer works on your platform.

This is the error we get:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 3, in
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘matplotlib’

This is a core Python library.
Are you able to fix this issue?
It is affecting a lot of teacher and students.

Thanks for looking into it.


You you post or DM the repl URL?

Here is one example

This seems to be Repl specific, the template you forked looks to be 3.8. I copied the code into a new Repl using 3.11 and it works.

Hi Jesse,
I went to the link you shared and ran the code. The same issue occurred.
See attached image

In any case, should this not also work for 3.8? matplotlib is a core Python library .
Is there not a fix for all versions of Python?
Thanks! I appreciate your help.

My bad, that was the wrong link, here’s the working version:

And using the packager tool for the original Repl makes the Repl work:

I just installed “matplotlib” and it works. I’m not just why the newer version works and the older python version doesn’t work with an import statement.

Thanks Jesse,
Here’s my problem.
I’ve shared the original link (and other like it) with teachers and students.
Now the code in these links no longer works because importing matplotlib does not auto-install as it should.
I can’t be expecting teachers and students to install matplotlib - it’s a non-starter.
Pythion without the capacity to import basic libraries is basically useless.
How do we get Replit to fix this problem?
I mean, it should be a simple fix for them, no?

Thanks again for your help!


Hello! I am having the same issue now… Can you post again the links you shared? They are not working

Thank you!